Afghan heroism of Gulbaddin Nb

Either way, the most famous Afghan cricketer Gulbuddin Nab was not present in this World Cup. He was below his team’s pop charts behind Rashid Khan, Mohammad Nabi, Mujib ur Rehman, Mohammad Shahzad, Hamid Hassan and Asgar Afgan (formerly known as Stanikjai).

Even perhaps one of the most famous ZZ Tops in cricket, a notch below Hazratullah Jazai. Nevertheless, Gulbadin leaves the World Cup as a true blue rock star. It works – after taking a wicket, poppy-bicep-flex, which always causes the outbreak of wide eyes. (How can normal-sized sleeves catch those weapons?) The stuff they have been told. His worst warning for the hand-washing teams in the last four is now burning in the mind of every Hindu-Urdu-savvy cricket fan. We can tell you, Sanbah, take your brother to the cabobagge.

But this is not all pretense. On the field, Gulbadin has brought his dash. After giving the royal battle to Afghanistan in Old Trafford, England scored 198 runs in the last 15 overs, which was out of the first hut in search of 398? They are their captains. In his 46 full ODI innings before the tournament, Gulbuddin batted nos 6 and 9 times 37 times, and batted only three times.

Now, in the middle of the World Cup, he runs in Jopra Archer and Chris Volks, and treats Archer and his small stuff as if he had to munch. In one over, he bowled two fours and a six on Archer, the shots blew the bat as the delivery was coming to him at Dabeli Dabli speed in a flat in Greater Noida. He continues to open in his next two innings against India and Bangladesh and leaves his strike rate of 132 against England at Test level in Southampton at the lower level of 60.

Afghanistan has not chosen to answer the questions of media-conference in Urdu, but on the shore, Gulbaddin is accessible and familiar South Asi Hindustani patron.


He admits Hashmatullah Shahidi that he refused to leave the crease after breaking a helmet by a Mark Wood Bouncer. Rashid Khan gave medical advice and did not return to the ground against New Zealand after being hit on the head with a bouncer, [he was slightly shaken], as “a bit was lost”. Hashmatullah, he assures me, is ideal. “Afgan is this, we are ace” [he is an Afghan, it is like us]

Conceit-wuncassion, just a fancy word. As Afghanistan’s expedition has given rise, there is a revolt about how they are getting heavily in this World Cup. Such a rebuke They are learning on the run against a quality protest which they have never faced before such a continuous period. As Mr. White says to James Bond, they dance in the storm. Gulstdin, who is competent in Malstrom, whose appointment was met with disapproval from his team’s stars. Yet he (Vigilance Warning) has led with pride and pizza. After the game, with his team beaten up, he has shown what his country has done for centuries: Take the punches with the big boys and stand up again. This is what the Afghans do.

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