Bumrahah’s non-hatchet magic

Ninety-five point five kilometers per hour or 61 miles per hour. This way the ball was slowed down. The reason for emphasis is that the hand delivering the ball was of Jaspreet Bumrah. Not just the number one ODI bowler in the world, but the faster pace bowler with more than 90 miles per hour. The hold on Bumrahah batsmen is frightening. Fear is not physical.

He is not a Shoaib Akhtar or Brett Lee, he is without his extreme pace, or run-up, or agro. Bumrah walks around 12 steps, think of another dozen, before throwing the ball out of that fast wrist, and yet produces anxiety among fans and batsmen. Unlike Akhtar and Lee, the worry is that they can immerse them in different ways: swing, seam, leg cutter, knee-baker, bouncer, slow bouncer, low full toss, yorker, slow yorker.

It was Bumrah who brought the second ball of his second spell against the West Indies in the yellow light of late sunrise Manchester Sun. Kerr Roach was the batsman to face the hat-trick. Forget the roach’s tender credentials Someone would have guessed that Bumrah would go for the inswing yorker. Well, then the forecast? The answer is in the last two deliveries.

Earlier, Carlos Brathwaite, who had played a single innings on the same pitch, not only on one field, but against New Zealand at some point in the tournament a few times ago. The pitch was slow now, but it was hard, and the bounce was good. Bumrah returned at a speed of 137.2 kilometers per hour. The trigger movement of Brathwaet suggested that he wanted to play it on the front foot, but the length pushed him back.

When the ball was missed by Bumrahah’s hand, Seam pointed towards the first slip, and with the stride towards Brathwaite, he got stunned, who saw him catching like a cat. On pitching, the ball gets cut off, opens the browetweight and takes one. MS Dhoni, who had read the movement better, took one step right on his right and then to hold his 37 year old body with one hand.

For Fabian Allen, in the next man, Bumrah pitch on the length and seam it into pads, lbw. The ball was very fast for Allen – 143.7kph Now Roach had to face, standing in the crease. There was barely a trigger movement when Bumrah ran with the body language and suggested that it was going to be fast. His release point indicated that he was going to an angle in the pad. It is covered in a diagonal form, but it actually floats, and then suddenly, almost on the toes of the roach, which is dipped on the toes, which dug it well.

Bumrahah shook hands smiling. Dhoni also covered his hands with his face. Bumrah did not move this issue forward. he has just left. This made me laugh – astonished more than astonished in the sleep of the hand. The ninety-seven point was a speed of five kilometers per hour. Yujwendra Chahal, who is legspinner, caught a catch just before the Jason Holder, who set a distance of 96.2 kilometers. Not a hat-trick, but how could Bumrah so easily remove such a magical move?

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