Difference between Megan Rapino and Kim Kardashian

This week, two American women in their thirties, with the influential veterans, most female fans have used their respective platforms to push very different messages.

You must have heard about Kim Kardashian.

Before the Women’s World Cup begins, you may have not heard of Megan Rapino, but there is a possibility, now you have it.

33-year-old California has been playing at the top level for over a decade but is undoubtedly the breakout star of this tournament.

For her social activism and vocal nature as her athletic talent, although she has played her role on the pitch, as well as reigning champion and favorite, USA.

Rapeno stands out from the small lavender-colored hair shocks and means it.

The message he is spreading is as powerful and deliberately as he made two goals in the quarter-finals of the host, defeating hosts France in the semifinals against England.

In the celebration, he fluttered the flag in the corner and kept his arms stretched, the head bent towards the stand and decreased expression.

Rapino gave an interview to an American magazine and was asked if he would celebrate at the Oval Office, this year his team should win the World Cup.

President Donald Trump recalls “our country, the White House or our flag” and hit back on Twitter pursuing Rapino to invite the team to the White House.

“Megan should win first, ever since he’s the first ticket!” She wrote.

Rapino apologized for the swearing, but was otherwise unlucky.

“We have so much time and effort and pride in the platform, keeping this in mind, and using it for the good, and leaving the game in a better place and hopefully the world is in a better place – I I do not think I want to go, “she said.

Forward has spent his career fighting for a similarity in salary and recognition in a game where it is not forthcoming and does not feel that the current administration aligns with its cause.

He was one of the first athletes to support NLL player Colin Copernicity by kneeling in opposition to racial inequality.

She did this despite knowing that she would influence the sales of clothing brands running with her twin sister, Be Your Best.

Rapino, whose partner basketball star is Sue Bird, was the first gay athlete to open in Swimming Edition of Sport Illustrated.

Career Decisions and Oppositions, all considered to be big or small, Rapuno empowers your fans to speak, empower themselves when they need to feel and feel in their skin.

Meanwhile, in the world of social media, Kim Kardashian was encouraging the exact opposite with the new line of his opposite body being issued “banged flaws”.

He was sending this message quite literally that if you do not feel comfortable in your skin, then it is fine, just cover it on a small price basis.

As one of my colleagues, and requested the mother of two young children: “You are a teenage girl. You would like to keep your favorite sport because it makes you happy and strong, in body and mind, but oh bee *** Er, your leg make-up can be done.

Children are hard enough to stay active.

You just have to see the latest figures of the Sport and Recreation Alliance, which shows the fact that only five of the five children in England are doing the recommended amount of exercise to identify so that it is a stubborn and toxic problem .

We and especially Kardashian people, who have a lot of influence, should not put any obstacles in their path.

Thankfully, there are roll models like Rapino that pop up with the message that it’s going to be okay itself.

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