Glastonbury: Kylie might break the record because the huge crowd sees her emotional set

Although the festival is yet to be confirmed by the organizers, but it is no surprise that if their audience has broken the record, then surely for the slots of the legends of Sunday afternoon.

If you were late for the party then you had no chance of getting close.

Thousands of people danced almost never seen any scenes from the stage, but there was no difference.

I found myself on the shore, with all the toilets and tents in sight all the way back and forth – but it was Kylie in Glasbury. I was happy to get a glimpse of the stage on her screen and enjoy the pleasure.

The singer was forced to leave her headline gig on the emotional set 14 years after she learned to have breast cancer.

In 2010, apart from a cameo with scissors sisters, this is the only time when she has performed at the festival.

“In 2005 I was supposed to be here,” she said. “The circumstances meant that I did not make it.

“I wish things were different, but life is what we are. We are together in this moment.”

Love for Kylie is condemnable. You can see every single person that he is ready to do good, and he is not disappointed.

With a well-back catalog spread over 30 years, the honorable Brit sang his way through many hits in 75 minutes, and you can not get out of my head, slowly, all lovers and on. A Night Like This Tik, as well as the ’80s locomotive, Je Ni Ni Saas Pass Paurakwai and I Should Be B So So Lucky

“This girl is feeling very lucky,” Kylie told the crowd who cheered because she had performed later.

He brought guests out including Nick Cave and Coldplay’s Chris Martin – a nice touch, but they did not need them. (Side note: Chris Martin meets in Glastonbury, right?).

With many organization changes and iridescent glow in the crowd, he shows how to make Glasbury, Kylie style.

While ending the performance with his new country’s hits, dancing and his signature spinning round, he met with great applause as if he had finished, seeing that he never wanted to leave.

Walking in the footsteps of Dolly Parton, Lionel Richie and Shirley Bassi, Kelly maintains more and more titles, playing the set of legends, which has become the afternoon tradition of Glastonbury Sunday in recent years.

Next time, we would like to see him back where he is – in the headline slot, please.

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