Yuvraj Singh posed his rhetoric Bash with rumor pre-GF, Kim Sharma and wife, Hazel Keech

Being an adult is not just about paying bills, caring for their family, and balancing between the work life and personal life of their work. It also means that moving ahead with the scars and pasting the seeds. And the cricketer, Yuvraj Singh really believes in this because he invited his ex-girlfriend, Kim Sharma, on his retirement bash and happily posed with them.

But before we move you forward in the story, let us tell you about the story of Yuvraj and Kim. We all know, there is a big female fan of the retrograde cricketer, who is still after Hazle’s marriage. And his good looks and funny personality also won the beauty of Bollywood, Kim’s heart and he remained strong for four years until he did not participate.

Recently, Yuvraj proved that ex-friends could be friends because he invited Kim to his retirement time. They have redefined the definition of adulthood and assured us that pre-flames do not always stay away. In one of the happy pictures, we can see the cricketer pose with Kim and wife, Hazel.

Take a look at their pictures below:

Kim also took on his Instagram and shared a picture with Yuvraj’s wife, Hazel, last night. In the picture, we can see two lights as usual. See it below:

Well, Yuvraj is a living inspiration for all of us and his retirement speech is still echoing in our ears. I am very fortunate to play a 400-plus game for India. I would never do that, when I started my career as a cricketer, then I had imagined it was a love affair with the game, in retrospect, I do not think I’m playing this game. Be used, because today I love for it, which will continue. [I] until the end of life. I really can not express in words what it is. ”

I have failed more often than successful, but I never lost I do not believe it, and I will never give it to my last breath, and that is what cricket has taught me. I have once again achieved the game with my blood and sweat, especially when it comes to represent my country. had come for. ”

Yuvraj also talked about Adrenaline Rush playing for the country and shared, “Adrenaline Rush is playing for India, singing the national anthem before every game, touching the Indian flag , Stopping every run for the team, or scoring every run for the team, was completely different.To become a part of history, which was made 28 years later [in 2011], I mean, honestly Say, what else can I ask Was it? “

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